Saturday, September 13, 2008

Phases of Life

Phases of Life
Acrylic on Five 4" x 12" Gallery Wrapped (Stapleless) canvases.


Lynn said...

Oh, I like this one a lot. Must remind me of quilts.... ;-)

Kim said...

Hi Lynn,

I never thought of that, but it could be seen as quilt like.

Thanks so much for your insights...I am always interested in how my paintings are seen by others.

- A - C - said...

This one is very expressive, full of meanings.

Kim said...

Thank you so much, AC!

I like this one, as well. I will be showing more similar here soon.

- A - C - said...

Looking at it a little more, it reminds me of evolution, from the simplest molecule to a complex organism, growing both in size, complexity and vibration (spirituality), symbolized here by colors (red -> blue) which are shifting towards higher frequencies.

have a nice day -)

Kim said...

Wow AC,
I really love how you explain this with scientific words. Sometimes, even in my own home, I need words like this to explain paintings.

I always saw this as jewels, but now I can understand you see this differently. For me, hearing how different people see what I paint.

We all find different things in art depending on where we are in our own life and our individual life experiences.

Thank You AC!