Thursday, April 30, 2009


'Dancing' this is acrylic on 20 x 16 inches 300lb (640gsm) Arches Watercolor Paper. I completely lost myself in the creation of this piece and found it became a true dance in learning to reflect the possiblities of life.


Dianne said...

There is so much movement here, I feel like joining in!

Now how are you going to present this, I know you have an aversion to framing?

Kim said...

Go head, Dianne, join right in. I think that is just one of the best compliments ever when a viewer just wants to jump in and participate.

You caught me...I am not sure. For now it is just on paper. I am considering mounting it to a cradled hardboard, though. Or I could go the uncradled route and then put it in a floater frame (which I feel is the best way to do any of my paintings - I am not opinionated at all, am I?). You are right, I do have this adversion, however this stiff, heavy paper has been calling me lately. I am not sure if that is good or bad since it is about the price of a canvas!

Thanks so much, Dianne! You inspire me and challenge me at the same time. I love it!